Indigenous Research & Governance Initiatives

Providing Space for Indigenous Scholars and Researchers

We take pride in Indigenous students pursing education as a way to help and support indigenous peoples. The Prairie Livelihood Projects provides a space for students who are required to meet research and academic requirements for their programs. Many academic programs require students to a create a project and implement the project within an indigenous organization or community.

Feel free to contact us to see if we can help you meet your program requirements.


Community Governance Projects

Many academic and professional programs require students to complete a internship or conduct a community based research projects. The Praire Livelihood Project supports students who are looking for new theory, methods, and frameworks that highlight ways forward together. We offer students the ability to work within the scope and mission of the Praire Livelihood Project and programs or the supporting local community. Governance Projects are projects that wish to look into and political, legal or economic aspects of governance while positioned in active land based projects on the praire.

Land Based Project Implementation

Some programs require students to engage in a land based project or program. Some students do not have access to communities that can host these programs, some organizations do not have the capacity or willingness to support these more grassroots initiatives. At the Praire Livelihood Project we welcome educators and facilitators who are willing to work with indigenous peoples and youth. Under the guidance of Praire Livelihood Project students can develop and deliver a module, project or program to the local supporting communities and peoples

General Internship Requirements

Some academic and professional programs require internships and placements and we will gladly work to support indigenous students to meet these requirements. Feel free to contact us to see if we can help you meet your program requirements.