A Packing List for Praire Climate

Praire summers are usually warm and dry. High temperatures range from 15 C (60 F) in May to the mid-30s C (90-95 F) in July and August. We average a lot of sunshine and nights tend be cool. However, if it rains the temperature can drop and nights can be cold. The ground will also be damp so we encourage participants to prepare for rainy days always.

General Philosophy:

Unless otherwise stated by Self-sufficiency is a foundational component that we develop in our programs and projects. We encourage all participants in every program to be self-sufficient and pack to have their needs met. We strive to respect land in all aspects and encourage participates to avoid single use plastics. Praire Livelihood strives to have a no-plastic policy, where we try to stay away from non-compostables. If you smoke cigarettes we request not dispose of your buts on the ground, pack them or burn them in the fire. We also maintain a no drug and alcohol policy while on a land based access, in a camp, or on a project. We also practice leave no trace, and all garbage, gear, and miscellaneous items will be taken and not be left on the land.

All participants are encouraged to care of your gear and keep things together during the duration of all programs. If traveling collectively, you can also pack collectively. Please check with project leader for any additional materials that may be needed.

Mandatory Packing List:

Medication (If needed)
Proper clothing for duration of project
Quality socks for duration of project
Camp Knife (check with facilitator some programs knives are not encouraged)
Rain Jacket/ Pants
Cap or wide Brim Sun Hat
Toque or Beanie 
Work gloves 
Back Pack (self contained with all your necessities  )
Duffle Bag to keep all your gear together
Sleeping Bag
Plastic Trash Bag (water proofing and to haul out your left over trash)
Eating Utensils
Wide Mouth Water Bottle 
Lip Balm
Headlamp and Flashlight 
Insect Repellent 
Note pads and Pencil
Hand Sanitizer 
Personal First Aid Kit 
hydration Salts
Camp Chair


Sleeping pad or camp cot 
Battery packs for cell charging