Q. Can non-Indigenous Peoples Partake in Prairie Livelihood Project?

A. Yes, although we serve indigenous peoples and communities everyone is welcome to join in our mission.  We strive to build quality relationships with all peoples in our area. Trainings are open everyone and anyone.

Q. Is there a physical Location to stay while I attend?

A. Other than the land based access, where participants are required to bring some of their own camping gear. No not yet. We are working on expanding to be able to accommodate those who wish to stay for training and programs. However, there is a hotel in Cutknife, Saskatchewan as well as a campground that will be used as a staging area for certain projects and site visits.

Q. Are any of the training programs certified?

A. Any life skills program that offers a personal development certificate and is delivered by a trained life skills coach through Red Echo Associates meets the requirements personal development certification requirement of the Saskatchewan Life Skills Association. We are currently working on hosting trainings that do provide certification. Ie. First Aid.

Q. Does this all take place in one location?

A. No. We do not have a physical space, but are working on one. We offer a staging area and then will proceed to the designated land based learning and living sites. Currently, we are developing one learning site that will meet the multiple needs of the projects and program. However, we also plan to to establish smaller satellite sites in surrounding areas. We are also currently partnering with local families who are willing to host learning days for our programs.

Q. is this in the middle of nowhere?

A. No. Although the praire is rural we are still in lightly populated areas. The Town of Cutknife is located 15 minutes from the learning sites and has a pharmacy, grocery store, hotel, campground, and restaurant. The nearest hospital is located in North Battleford. All our land based access projects will have safety plans and contingency plans in case of an emergency.

Q. Is this a drug free and alcohol Free zone?

A. Yes, we have a strict policy about this. No drugs and No alcohol will be tolerated within the programs and during the site visits or land based access.