The Prairie Livelihood Project is an Indigenous owned and operated rural based non-profit that is dedicated to the relationship between land and its inhabitants Through a variety of personal and experiential learning initiatives. we utilize a unique framework that fosters a relationship between peoples, lands and Self-resiliency.

Our Mission

We re-establish self-resilient livelihood systems and projects through training, education, and research. This is our way we maintain and practice the identities that sustain and define us and we do so in a way that contributes to a greater understanding and appreciation of history, culture, and the ecology of the praire.

Our Vision

We foster projects that promote a thriving indigenous presence on the prairie – we are a community guided by land based practitioners, facilitators and teachers dedicated to sharing with our grassroots peoples original and new social, political, economic and environmental systems and identities.

Our History

The Prairie Livelihood Project was conceptually created in the years between 2013-2015 when after several travels to indigenous territories, there was a recognized need to create a place specific organization that serves to connect individuals and families with meaningful programs, education, training, and skill development on the praire. The Prairie Livelihood Project owes its existence to the harding working indigenous peoples of Oahu, Hawai’i, Toledo, Belize, Chiapas, Mexico, Isleta, and New Mexico who are actively working to maintain indigenous systems and who inspired the ideas and concept of the Prairie Livelihood Project .

May we continue to see our people flourish again on the lands that will one day belong to our grandchildren.

The land doesn’t belong to us, We Belong to the land.

Namoya kitipētēnaw aski, aski Ki tipēmkonaw.